Difference between a Resume, CV and Biodata

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What will you Learn: Difference between Résumé, CV and Biodata.

Are you looking for a JOB?

Advertising or Promoting your-self with a professional profile is a very daunting task especially when there is no clarity on it should be done. Understanding how to get to a job is a tough task and for this first step is creating opportunities to get an interview call.

Here three terms “Resume, CV and BioData”come into picture which are confusing especially for fresher who is yet to enter the corporate world.

To help you I will bring out the differences between these three, i.e. Resume, C.V., and BioData


A resume or résumé in French means “to sum up” or summarise. So it is a short, concise document, which is used for job applications.It is a summary of your skills & work experience. A good resume is always targeted at a specific job and its leng is usually 1-2 page long. A Resume will cover the following broadly:

  1. Career Objective
  2. Education Background
  3. Work Experience
  4. Volunteer Experience
  5. Skill ( Hard skills and Soft Skills)
  6. Awards/ Publications/ Certifications
  7. Contact Information


C.V means Curriculum Vitae which in Latin means “course of life”. It is an in-depth document. it describes the whole course of your career in full detail It is usually 2-3 page long. A CV is always more detailed then a Resume.

It will include all the contents of a Resume and a few more and in detail. These will be:

  1. Career Objective
  2. Education Background
  3. Work Experience
  4. Volunteer Experience
  5. Professional Certifications
  6. Mention of Professional Associations
  7. Additional Training and Courses
  8. Conference Participation
  9. Publications ( Books, Research Articles etc.)
  10. Awards and Honours
  11. Website/Blogs that you manage
  12. Languages Known
  13. Intrests and Hobbies
  14. Contact Details


A Biodata is a short form of biographical data. It is a comprehensive summary of you as a person and not just your career.
It can include details like gender, religion, address ,hobbies, education, skills & work experience. It is usually 1-3 page long.

How to decide what to make for applying to a job?

Before deciding what to make a Resume, CV or a Biodata. We must understand it depends upon the stage of your life.

If its your first job with no experience prefer a CV over a Resume as you will have space to express yourself. A Biodata is usually used in Asian context in order to apply for research grants.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog, in case of any help for deciding career goals, building a Resume or a CV , or Interview Preparation I can be reached at freelancer.snehasharma@gmail.com.

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