Writing a Perfect Resume

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What will you learn: Tips about writing a Perfect Resume.

Are you struggling with writing a perfect resume? Well it is one of the most difficult and the most important one for your career. Undoubtedly a resume is the most valuable piece of paper for your career. And yes a Resume is as good as the information that it presents.

What does an HR Manager look for while screening Resume?

So when we make a Resume we make it for an HR Manager or a hiring manager.

And as per reserach an HR manager hardly takes a 30 second look at any resume. So first we must understand what exactly does an HR manager look for in your resume.

1. Your most recent Role ( what are you doing)

2. Your previous organizations and your roles ( Whom have you worked with in past and what roles)

3. Is your Experience appropriate for the current role ( #Keyword search)

4. Overall Resume Presentation ( Formatting, Grammer, Errors, Systematic Approach)


To impress and get attention from an HR Manager our Resume should Highlight our Personality , it should make the reader feel the need to meet the person.

As a fresher or as an experienced professional the needs of the Resume will vary.

Although the below mentioned ten components will always be part of any Resume at any experience level.

1️⃣ Education

2️⃣ Work Experience

3️⃣ Match Skills with Kobdescription

4️⃣ Use Reverse Chronological Order

5️⃣ Professional email ID

6️⃣ Use keywords

7️⃣ Use action verbs while writing

8️⃣ Check for Formatting and Spelling errors

9️⃣ Proof Read

1️⃣0️⃣ Add contact details

📢 Length of Resume not more than 2 pages, if u have less than 3 years work-ex 1 page is enough.
📢 Present in the requested format ( Soft copy or hard copy)

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