ATS Friendly Resume Tips

ATS Friendly Resume Tips


What will you learn: Meaning of ATS and Quick tips to make a Resume that cracks ATS

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

ATS refers to Applicant Tracking System which is software that helps Hiring Managers in managing their recruitment process.

As per research 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use ATS softwares to streamline their recruitments. A typical corporate opening will attract about 250-300 resumes on average. It might be more in few circumstances specially in India.

How do applicant tracking systems (ATS) work?

The ATS divides the resume into various categories and scans the resume for specific keywords as per the job description and the criteria set by the recruiter. Recruiter who uses ATS will assign different weightage to questions, and then sort the candidates on the basis of their answers. This step helps in removing the unqualified applicants and save recruiters time.

An example for understanding how this ATS works-

Your resume summary can be:

“Accomplished search engine optimization specialist with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Have increased organic search traffic by an average of 26% over the past 5 years.”

ATS reads:

“Search engine optimization”
“12 years of experience”
“Digital Marketing”
“Organic Search”

Recruiters ATS settings to match their list of requirements:

CHECK: Search Engine Optimization
CHECK: 10 years of experience
CHECK: Digital Marketing
NOT CHECK: Communication skills
NOT CHECK: Analytical skills
NOT CHECK: Microsoft Office

So can you predict and win ATS 100 % all the time, the answer is No because you really can’t judge what a recruiter is setting as priority but can you get past ATS most of the times the answer is Yes.

Here is How to make an ATS friendly Resume:

1. Tailor resume for a specific job offer

For every job you apply , adapt your resume for it as the pattern , format, skills and keywords will vary. Treat each job description as a separate task and tailor your resume for the same.

2. Use right keywords

The best way to ensure ATS compatibility of your resume you should optimize your resume with keywords. Choose the right Keywords as per the job description and use them in your resume specially in skills and experience section.

3. Use a clear and simple Resume Design

Keep a simple,clear and clean design for your resume.A complex design with fancy fonts is incompatible with ATS it rather confuses the bot.Use simple and descriptive headings to clearly mention different segments of your resume.

4. Follow simple formatting standards(No tables, charts, images, logos, visuals)

Avoid using tables ,charts , images and logos , they although look attractive but an ATS can’t read through it . Use simple bullet points liket solid circle or square, to ensure ATS is able to read through your bullet points.

So in orde to get past an ATS , make sure to tailor your resume with the right keywords , optimize it. Keep the format simple and clear. The above steps will help you beat an ATS and reach the interview stage for your dream job.

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