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I’m a trainer, a personality development coach, and a professional anchor. I’m a graduate in science, a post graduate in management and a doctorate in marketing and advertising. I am married and have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. I am based at Chandigarh and I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone.


I’ve always enjoyed speaking and helping other people refine their skills. More so because of my background as my dad is an ex Indian Army Officer, so I evolved under him, thus discipline, punctuality, etiquettes and socializing was set of inbuilt traits that I had. I did love science and that’s why I did my graduation in science but while doing it I realized I am not the ozne to who enjoys sitting behind a microscope and exploring the microbial world.

I realized I wanted to be more of people’s person and that brought me to my post graduation in management. And then during my degree in management another realization came that I really don’t wish to be part of the corporate race. At heart I always enjoyed grooming young minds, training them towards who they want to be. So I was having a quarter life crisis. Two degrees in hand and mind running in a new direction.
I spent months reading, exploring and trying to figure out what I was put on this planet to do. I knew some of the things I was good at, and I knew what I enjoyed doing, but I was never sure how it all translated into a career. After a few nights I decided to join as a marketing professor in college and the career began. I listened to my heart and did what I wished to.

It’s been over a decade now and I feel fortunate to have trained and coached over 4000 students in various fields from marketing to advertising to soft skills to English speaking to etiquette training. But I’M JUST A NORMAL Person. I really am. I work hard, Trade my sleep for a round of Golf and I hustle to make my dreams a reality. I don’t want to live a normal, boring, mundane existence, and I don’t think you do either. I want to live a fulfilling and rewarding life, and I would guess you do too. Today, I continue to coach numerous students on diverse subjects and instill confidence in them.

My Reason for Existence !

I have dedicated my life right from the beginning in helping students find their passion, build their confidence . And my journey today is about making You accept that that you are enough, and you always have been.
And we must Love Ourselves limitlessly with no exceptions. It took me a few years to understand that when I prioritize myself that the moment I create me importance , Self Care is the first form a care each one of us must practice. I have now learnt that saying yes to myself only meant I love myself and nothing else !

I want you to now


I’ve always been a passionate person !

I love being the best I love it when my work is being taken as the best and I can go sleepless, foodless to achieve that. I have always been the studious one, studying with full effort , the one who always helped others, doesn’t say a NO to anyone. Looks after work and family , Trust people, be emphatic. I cry over a beautiful song ,a movie and advertisement I am a cancerian after all. I am an example of the classic Type A personality. So with these traits it took me a while to understand that LOVING MYSELF was not something that has to come at last It should be my priority now, today tomorrow and every moment. A peaceful and happy mind as well as heart can only maintain peach and happiness at the outside. I have learnt to accept my self , take charge of my life and most importantly love myself I now channel my energy in making other life beautiful without sacrificing and disturbing my own and believe me everyone is more happy then they were before including Me. So I help my client put their energy in the right direction and help them transform into a personality that they have always dreamt of , a person that they will love everyday and will always feel proud of .

If you would like to have some more Details about my program feel free to contact me over any of the social media platforms.

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