‘It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not”

—Denis Waitley

“ The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice”

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Have you been through the feeling of not being confident of your own self. You feel that you are just about get your dream job , your dream company is about to become a reality and You realize you aren’t confident enough… not confident enough to speak English, Not confident of the way you look, Not confident of your own personality… and Life seems depressed and miserable . But deep down you know that you really want create a strong, confident and a better version of yourself . Create a personality ,a mind set that keeps you happy about yourself.

You want to LOVE YOURSELF, want to actually feel great about yourself.

You have finally reached the right place. Hi !!

Here you’ll find information that will help you achieve the results you want, feel confident about yourself, and create a lifestyle and a personality that you always dreamt about…

Make yourself a STAR.. that shines brightly always. This shall be an empowering life changing program and not a temporary fad.
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The aim of my journey as a Coach is to empower
You in being Yourself…
Feel Confident and Happy about who you are
and live your dream life “

Sneha Sharma

The Coach

My Story

I am Sneha Sharma, your coach in your journey towards “Being Yourself” . I am here to help you achieve your goals and live your dream life that exists in reality and not just in your dreams. Most of us remain in a state of despair because we never know what our real improvement area is, being a learner at NLP and a psychologist I will first help you identify your real improvement areas and then we shall work together for getting a solution.

With me you will learn to accept yourself ,embrace yourself respect your presence and your being and most importantly LOVE Yourself !! BE YOUR FAVORITE!!


Self Grooming Programmes that work for you

Easy Start Package
2 hours/ 2 sessions
Rs 3499/ $50

(1) Pre coaching conversations
(2) Building image (Free Image Consultancy)
(3) Confident public speaking start pack / Resume Building (Basic)

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Optimal Package
6 hour/ 6 sessions
Rs 8499 / $ 120

(1) Pre coaching conversations
(2) Building image (Free Image Consultancy)
(3) Confident public speaking pack or Resume Building and Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
(4) Free Email/Whats App Support

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Enormous Transformation
7 hours/7 sessions
Rs 14000 / $ 200

(1) Pre coaching conversations
(2) Building image (Free Image Consultancy)
(3) Confident public speaking pack
(4) One to One Coaching on Spoken English or Advanced Resume Building and Cover Letter or Advanced LinkedIn Profile Creation and Optimisation
(5) Free Email/Whats App Support

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